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"Tiger got to hunt, bird got to fly;
Man got to sit and wonder, 'Why, why, why?'
Tiger got to sleep, bird got to land;
Man got to tell himself he understand."

~ Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle
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Even if you do not pray, bow your head…
Bow your head and shed a tear for those who've gone before…
For better, or for worse...

A great Canadian blues band, featuring
the late Jane Vasey. Excellent, tight, musical band.

Regarde bien, mon petit….regarde bien...

[from the YT description:]

A powerful but enigmatic soliloquy addressed by Jacques Brel to "petit"- the son he never had (or the boy he once had been).

We recall that a year before Brel sang "Mon Père Disait," where a father was also calling his son "petit," rather than by his name-- an unusual occurrence in a French family, philipchek tells me. The song focuses on a mysterious stranger arriving and departing who may or may not be a mirage. Such is the anguish that takes place in stark isolation on a plain in Flanders opposite the North Sea amidst the post-war paranoia that plagued Belgium when Brel was growing up. Brothers were torn apart in hatred and even a child might bear arms in mistrust of any stranger that might appear. Brel cannot resist a few digs at the Catholic Church, his favorite target, " a priest , bearer of those false message which help us get old" and " his horse is too poor to be a parishioner."

Video was made in late in the year 1968 by Alain Dhénaut while Brel was acting in the play "L'Homme de La Mancha, " his French adaptation of the American musical, "Man of La Mancha." His hair is long for the part of Don Quixote. Thanks to philipchek for editing this translation and adding interpretative ideas. He adds:"The child you're looking for in "Regarde Bien Petit" is also here, his name is "Jacky. " Children full of hope about a wonderful world, children believing what adults say, believing that Le Père Noel exists.

The child of the song is here too, because how to avoid the suffering that children will have to suffer from the reality of the adult world. Either you lie to children, either you tell them the truth? Both ways are impossible.

So what to do? In "Regarde Bien Petit" - you try to teach your child (yourself) not to suffer too much, to be strong and learn to defend yourself, your personal world behind the fragile bridge, and to live hidden.

"Regarde Bien" is a disillusioning search to save the small part that can be saved - and it leads to abandoning childhood, to asking the child to manage weapons - which is to abandon innocence, to become an adult."

That's why this child is all children and Brel himself.

Oh, do shine. Whatever, whoever, however you are.
Please shine...

La vie, telle qu'elle est, pour Henri.

Kominato Akihisa: a very fine young shakuhachi player, masterful.
He also explains a thing or two, about the instrument...
(Japanese, with subtitles)

Another very fine offering, from the estimable

Just to be clear, the 1% are about 3 million, the 9% are about 27 million,
and everyone else crowded into that little torrid strip is about 278 million.

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