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This blog exists mainly as a backup of my SU archive.

I no longer post here, but you're most welcome to visit my punny and funny Tumblr blog!
austpicious @ tumblr

Keep watching...

Jesus. He knows me.

I'd like to the thank the dear friend who sent this very amusing video to me.

If only I could remember her name ;-)

Having witnessed the depths to which StumbleUpon has sunk, it should come as no surprise to see advertisements like this on eBay.
When 'followers' can be purchased for a low low price, it just goes to show what a cheap and nasty commodity is being spruiked.

I'd like to throw in some steak knives. Quite a few of them, actually. And I know who'd I'd aim them at.

What's the difference between a mandarin, clementine, satsuma and tangerine?

It turns out that the answer is: ‘bad question’; clementines, satsumas and tangerines are all varieties of mandarin. Looking a little further into the convoluted family tree of the citrus fruit reveals a pretty complicated soap opera style mess of relationships, with most of the common fruits we enjoy being hybrids of other, more unusual ones.

This is wonderful! Go full screen and really feel the movement!

The visualisation is of the 1st violin of the 2nd symphony, 4th movement by Ferdinand Ries in the shape of a rollercoaster.
The camera starts by showing a close-up of the score, then focuses on the notes of the first violin turning the staves into the winding rail tracks of the rollercoaster.
The notes and bars were exactly synchronised with the progression in the animation so that the typical movements of a rollercoaster ride match the dramatic composition of the music.

This I believe.

Paul Chatem's wonderful titles, from left to right: The Shell Game, It Had To Happen, The Redcar Was Recycled and Blowing Smoke Up Daphne's Ass.

With thanks to my old pal Saboma who's got a pretty good idea about my taste in art :)

Dave Edmunds - I Hear You Knocking .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Oh, I hear you knocking. But you can't come in!

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