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Thanks to my friend, umruppala..
(one of my longtime SU friends...)

Snitched this from Mike..
Thanks, Mike..
BTW, I won another photo from his amazing collection...(From this contest.!)
Can't wait to receive it..

Lovely Early Morning View in Wisconsin
Photo taken by my daughter, Nan

Snitched from my friend, Myrto

thnx Amethyst...
She knows that I love Giraffes...

How precious is this..?
My Great Grandson, Danny's 4th Birthday cake,
made by his creative mom..

I love proper use of the English language.....Punctuation is essential...
thnx umruppala for this share,..

Battery Resizer, Via Amazon..
(This sounds way too cool...) Only $5.00..
I think I want one..or perhaps, two..

So, that's how they do it...
I snitched this from moonshadow68's great humor-filled site...

I'd love to see this scene from my window...

No doubt, that would be me...if I belonged to a gym..
snitched this from moonshadow68's site,,

thnx Amethyst...

thnx Amethyst..

LOVE this one.
thnx to AirToob's informative site..