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Just the tool for spraying papercrete insulation, or building ferrocement structures!
Stucco Sprayer

I really need to come up with a project to program in Python. Several years ago, I wrote an orbital dV calculator as a first Python project in two days. The language is amazingly intuitive and didn't get in the way like so many other languages with steep learning curves do (PERL, for example).

Searchable NASA database for data from each probe!

Bear with me, HDD failure when I'm too busy with RL to deal with it. I'll be back soon.
Simple aeroponics via ultrasonic transducer yields 400+% tomato seedling growth increase compared to soil.

From the page:
Project Cost:22.00
Est Construction Time: .5 Hr
Required Skill Level: Basic Hand Tool Skills
This simple low cost system provides amazing results in plant and root development. utilizing low cost and low power usage ultrasonic foggers we atomize a nutrient solution in a high oxygen high humidity environment that promotes rapid plant development. we were surprised at the effectiveness of this system and its ability to yield amazingly healthy plants ready to move onto the vegetative growth cycle with strength and vigor.
Interesting news aggregator. Somewhere between Reddit and Hacker News in tone.
Hackerstream is another interesting aggregator.
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