Xtine66 Medal
The Residents
Commercial Album

Perfect Love

There's something I must tell you
There's something I must say
The only really perfect love

Is one that gets away

Picnic Boy

She called my friend a picnic boy
I never could stand that
Oh she called my friend a picnic boy
And said he was too fat

I left her in the early morning
Looking at the rain

I found I could not take the pressure
So I took the train

Die in Terror

She said she wished to die in terror
Screaming in the night
To feel the crawling flesh of panic
As her hair turned white
She also had a pretty little
See-through negligée

I often wonder where she went
And if she got her way

Red Rider

Cellar doors were open
For the storms were out that night

The night reflected from the leaves
The sky was still too bright
I saw her passing as the wind
Was rising in the air
She rode upon a red bicycle
And she had red hair

My Second Wife

Yesterday my second wife fell in the afternoon
Slipped into hysteria and talked about the moon

Well this was only temporary so the doctor said
So I watched a football game and she went off to bed

Suburban Bathers

Suburban bathers own the sea
But just between you and me
The sun has never fully set
That's seen the bathers fully wet

I see the sea,
The sea sees me

They seem to run to morning light
And crash the boards between the night
If they'd learn to love themselves
They might survive the murky depths

I see the sea,
The sea sees me

If I'd learn to love myself
I might survive the murky depths

Ups and Downs

She was opening up an elevator
On a rainy day
Sitting on a little stool
And looking far away
I asked if she would take me
To another floor
She laughed and said she probably would
And then she closed the door


Someone saw a strange amount
Of moisture on her lips
And it was also seen upon
Her arms and on her hips

No one knows exactly
Who she was or how she died
But when they opened up her purse

They found a snail inside

Nice Old Man

Something smiling sweetly
Something tall and thin
Something deep within my heart
Reminded me of him
He was not my lover
He was not my friend
He was just a nice old man
Who played the violin

The Talk of Creatures

Mumbling weighs upon my mind
The talk of creatures in my spine
A contest fought between two souls
To know which thought that each controls

They argue deep into the night
Displaying wrongs, inciting rights
They sing their songs with unknown tones
And keep the beat upon my bones