Thex Star
Things You Don't Hear Anymore
Some of these may not ring true to most of you but boy do a lot of them still ring in my ear.

Be sure to refill the ice trays, we're going to have company after while.

Watch for the postman, I want to get this letter to Aunt Mary in the mail today.

Quit slamming the screen door when you are on your way out!

Be sure and pull the windows down when you leave, it looks like a shower is coming up.

Don't forget to wind the clock before you go to bed.

Wash your feet before you go to bed, they are nasty from playing outside all day barefooted.

Why can't you remember to roll up your pant legs? Getting them caught in the bicycle chain so many times is tearing them up.

You have torn the knees out of that pair of pants so many times there is nothing left to put a patch on.

Don't you go outside with your good school clothes on!

Go comb your hair; it looks like a rat's nest.

Be sure and pour the cream off the top of the milk when you open the new bottle.

Take that empty bottle to the store with you so you won't have to pay a deposit on another one.

There's a dollar in my purse, get 5 gallons of gas when you go to town.

Open the back door and see if we can get a breeze through here, it is getting hot.

You can walk to the store; it won't hurt you to get some exercise.

Don't sit too close to the TV. It is hard on your eyes.

If you pull that stunt again, I am going to wear you out!

Don't lose that button; I'll sew it back on after awhile.

Wash under your neck before you come to the table, you have beads of dirt and sweat all under there.

Get out from under the sewing machine; pumping it messes up the thread!

Be sure and fill the lamps this morning so we don't have to do that tonight in the dark.

Here, take this old magazine to the toilet with you when you go, we are almost out of paper out there.

Go out to the well and draw a bucket of water so I can wash dishes.

Don't turn the radio on now, I want the battery to be up when the Grand Ole Opry comes on.

No! I don't have nine cents for you to go to the show. Do you think money grows on trees?

Eat those vegetables, they'll make you big and strong like your daddy.

That dog is NOT coming in this house! I don't care how cold it is out there, dogs just don't come in the house.

Sit still! I'm trying to get your hair cut straight and you keep moving and it is all botched up.

Hush your mouth! I don't want to hear words like that! I'll wash your mouth out with soap!

It is time for your system to be cleaned out. I am going to give you a dose of Castor oil tonight.

If you get a spanking in school and I find out about it, you'll get another one when you get home.

Quit crossing your eyes! They will get stuck that way!

Soak your foot in this pan of coal oil so that bad cut won't get infected.

When you take your driving test, don't forget to signal each turn.
Left arm straight out the window for a left turn; left arm bent up at the elbow for a right turn; and straight down to the side of the door when you are going to stop.

It is: 'Yes Ma'am!' and 'No Ma'am!' to me, young man, and don't you forget it!

The last one still to this day I hold to and get funny looks from people when I say Thank you Ma'am or Yes Ma'am, No Sir or Yes Sir. Even got called on it a time or two, They would tell me they were not old enough to be called Ma'am ..... I guess it was that I wasn't taught it had to do with age as much as respect for someone... The difference I find is women seem to think it is more to do about age and the men seem to have the idea it is about being subservient to them .... And going back to what I said, it has to do with neither.
Now the one about " take the old magazine to the toilet " ... Well we called it an outhouse .... and we had what we called a slop jar that we use in the house in the middle of the night and guess who got to carry it out to the outhouse, yeap you got it, Me.... LoL There was a good thing that came from that old outhouse that was I got strong legs from it ... now you wonder how that happened (I can see you didn't have an outhouse) well lets just say that I leaned how to hover at an early age.... that toilet seat could be pretty cold in the winter and the less flesh on the seat the better .... LoL ... LoL ... Oh I use to love to go to my grandmothers, yeah man she had a double holer' (two seats) and made with concrete.... Ah those were the days ....Funny what sticks in a kids head.... Don't get me wrong here, I wouldn't trade those memories for anything ... Have a great day and hope you have some good memories to think back on, even tho I know some do not, so I will gladly share my memories with you.