For the purpose of this blog, I shall introduce myself as a lady introvert living in a world that calls for extroversion. Ah well, sometimes it just takes muddling through. Though slightly on the shy side, I am friendly. Given the slight shyness though, initiating conversations with strangers happens less than quietly contemplating the world and everything in it. 'Tis not always the case though! Also, I'm always open to conversing with fellow bloggers, so feel free to send a message should I not first. Promise I don't bite! :)

As regards my blog, posts are intermittent and whatever strikes my fancy. Just a way to express myself… and write a little bit more with each post. Anyhow… be ye new here or a steadfast follower, welcome, and hope you enjoy your visit. :) Want to know more? Just ask.

In Loving Memory

Willow May 16th, 2015 - May 21st, 2015. I wish you had the opportunity to see the world, but your time here was cut short when you got so ill. And it would not have been fair to put you through the suffering you would have endured with treatment. I loved you too much to have you suffer. It was so painful losing you, even considering it was such a short amount of time we were able to spend together before you were gone. Godspeed my little friend. You are loved, and missed.

Driver Don't List

1. Bumper kissers. They know who they are... If it's possible to read any of the stupidly tiny print on stickers that people put all over the back of their cars, it's probably too close. And to you people who sit on bumpers (especially in stop and go traffic), for the love of god, stop! Not only does it drive me crazy, but I would prefer my car only have that one (sadly) personally inflicted wound. (Stupid cement walls don't have much give when you back up just a little too far.) And for reference, since I don't have any stickers on my [mostly] impeccable car, leave half a car's length, or preferably a whole car's length... But I don't want to get greedy here. And food for thought: bumper cars is an expensive game to play in the real world. Roads aren't no carnival ride folks!

2. Texters. FYI, I can totally see in my rear view mirror when you're texting, and if I can, so can that cop over there. But seriously, probably the scariest thing is to notice that someone behind you is not giving their undivided attention to the road, or for that matter any car around them, and then scenario one becomes a problem. Although... I do really enjoy messing with the texters, which is way too easy! Leave a ton of space between me and the car in front, texter on my tail, let off the brake just enough to inch forward until I'm not in the field of vision (stopping completely every time they look up), I go when I can and they're still sitting there. Makes me giggle thinking someone may honk at them. I'm evil, I know.

3. Slowpokes. Don't even get me started here... Some of us do have destinations you know! Yes, yes, it's all about the journey, blah, blah, blah. I get it, truly I do, and I'm all for a good journey. But if you can only seem to go 15 - 20 under the speed limit, that journey would take so long, anyone would begin to beg for a destination. I'm being dramatic of course, but you get my drift.

4. Pushers. Seriously? Is getting any closer to the back of my car going to make me go faster? No! Unless you want to pay any potential tickets that result from your pushy ways - which I presume you don't - it's probably in your best interest to just go the speed limit. Or you know, at least go with the flow!

5. Passers. It's much better to have someone pass you than it is for scenario one with a driver kissing your @$$. (See what I did there? Aren't I clever... har har.) In all honesty though, it really grates on my nerves when someone passes me. Maybe it's because I'm doing my best to be an exemplary driver and they're the one who makes me feel like it's bad to be a good example. And if they're setting the driving standard, boy that bar is low!

6. Crooked parking. This especially bothers me if the car pulled into the spot. Swear to god, either some drivers try really hard to appear inept (and do a very good job of it), or they just are. Remember in kindergarten coloring in the lines? Apply that to parking! The way a car is left in a spot will determine the angle of the car next to it. And if it's anything but parallel to mine or another, redo it please! I don't care if you'll only be 5 minutes in the store. As my momma always told me: "do it right once."

And so concludes the short version of my long list of driving don'ts/pet peeves. Sometimes, you just need to vent it somewhere. Yelling in the car isn't always enough. Which... I totally haven't done, by the way... >.>

Getting back into the swing of things...

Hello all! Almost a year already since I have posted here. With what seemed so little to say and less and less time available to think of exactly what I wanted to say, as hard as it would have been to say adieu and leave the wonderful people and the sharing communtiy, to be frank... I had considered leaving this blog behind. However, I was urged by a fellow blogger not to give up, and I am incredibly grateful for that push. So after all this time, I will be coming back. Just bear with me while I get things in gear. :)

Destination(s): New Places! Objective: Exploration!

Seems everything of late has had me out and driving a lot. For someone who is directionally challenged this can be a very interesting experience. But driving around gives you time to think and explore. And to blast music, sing to your hearts content, and "jam out" (such a dated term), which I'm sure is occasionally entertaining to the other drivers when they see you at stoplights. Or even pedestrians noticing as they walk past! These are the moments that phrases such as: "quick! Stop dancing," and "act natural" cross your mind. Or perhaps "nothing to see here." But here I am rambling on, sidetracked already. This happens every so often, humor me. :P

While passing a few smaller shops today en route to my destination, it crossed my mind how strange and slightly sad it was that so close to my home there were all these neat looking places I'd never been to. And there were indeed quite a few interesting looking shops, café's, restaurants, etc. Maybe there's a book store somewhere in there! Oh I hope so. Anyway, back to the point. Looking at all these places I wondered, why didn't I ever go? Too busy, too this, too that... Self limitations. Enough! Why not visit them? And to keep a sort of record of all these destinations. :) Somewhat like... reviews?... I suppose you could say. Though more accurate would probably be calling it a personal list of "must visit places", either to add to the "must visit again" or "must visit with others" list. But I do love exploring. Though, if you're prone to getting lost while driving, destination places could take a bigger chunk out of your day than you expected. I'm honestly so bad with directions that once, someone offered to give me their GPS! Yes, I know what you must be thinking. That it sounds really pathetic. :) But perhaps getting lost isn't always so bad. Perhaps it's what should happen right now. Sometimes, that's how you make some of the best discoveries. :)

Adventures await! Time to explore!

Keiry M.


'Tis indeed finally here! And so in a few hours, I shall go on my adventure to Whidbey Island. :) With my camera of course. Hopefully to come back with some nice photos. Fun day ahead, yay! ^.^

Two more weeks!

Only two weeks left until my journey around the sun begins again! In laymen's terms... my birthday! Just a wee bit excited. Many, shall we say, dramatic things have happened recently in my life, as they often seem to do beforehand. (For someone that detests drama and avoids it like the plague, the nonsense of it all repeatedly finds me. Damn stuff is persistent!) So that weekend, it shall all be left behind. I'll finally be going on a trip to one of my favorite islands, after not having been for years. Lovely plans for a good, [personal] new year. :)

Not so simple...

Yet another personal post. Yes, these more personal types of posts are rare for me, as I've made a point of saying many a time before. Though less and less so it would seem. But writing is at least one of the better outlets to choose from. As such, here I am, blurting out my thoughts publicly. For better or for worse.

At some point in our lives, we face answering one of the hardest personal questions: am I truly happy? Some of us live for planning the future, and some of us live one day at a time because it's all we have. In my experience, neither one is more efficient than the other. It's simply a difference in the way we choose to live out our lives. Times change, people come and go, we become familiar with new places, form bonds and break others. We love, win some, lose some, and forget the rest...

I was given a challenge by a good family friend and doctor of mine. "Find your joy." Most people, she said, don't seem to find it until later in their lives, past the point they can really enjoy it. And as I thought about it... she was right. How many people could answer that they're honest to God happy at this very instant? Compare that to how many would say that their worries, fears, pains etc. keep them up late at night... Rarely is the journey ever simple. We hit high points in our lives and then take a dive and hit some very low lows. For me, when she said to find my joy, I immediately remembered back when I was at college. The two years I spent there were some of the best years thus far. Since then, the road has been a bit rocky. Bittersweet memories between then and now, especially anytime the heart was involved. When it's stuck on your sleeve it seems to snag on a few things... haha.

But the more I considered what she said, the more I wondered... was I really happy? Were all the smiles and laughter throughout the day genuine or were some a mask for what was buried inside? Was I around people I really wanted to be around? Honestly, I couldn't answer either way. It hadn't occurred to me before but I didn't know if I was really happy. If you don't know, most likely the answer isn't that you are... But realizing that is the point when you can change things! When the truth slaps us in the face and we finally realize we've been living a masquerade, it's our opportunity. There were so many things I was living for that didn't mean as much to me as I thought, and a few people I was giving time to that didn't appreciate the time I gave. This year, I have worked hard to change many aspects in my life, but until given the challenge to find my joy, it hadn't occurred to me that the puzzle piece that was missing was happiness. But at no point is it ever too late to find it...

So a journey begins, forging a new path on my own. True that it is unlikely to be simple. But not all of the best things in life are down the road that's easiest to travel. With that, I also leave you a question and the challenge... Are you happy? If not, find your joy. Give time to those only that value what you have to give. Love those who love you. Do what makes you happy, not what makes someone else happy. It's your turn this time. :)

Keiry M.

Be yourself

Why try to be like anyone else when there can only be one you? It's the one thing that no one can ever take away. Whenever you aren't true to yourself is when you make the big mistakes. No, you don't always regret them, and why should you? It's not as if regrets will change what happened. Besides, mistakes shape us, and mistakes and all, you are uniquely you. So embrace it. :)

Just a chapter...

Turning the page can mean leaving things behind you'd rather not. Opportunities come and go; things fall together and then apart. But as a friend reminded me, when a door closes, a window opens, and the trick is finding that window. So when a door has seemingly slammed shut in your face, don't let it keep you staring at it forever wondering what could have been. Be persistent in finding that window... or break every damn window until you find the right one, haha. These are the life lessons that can teach us more about ourselves than anything else, even if it's a harder lesson. It can be the wake-up call that gives us the opportunity to decide what we're really worth...


Books, books, and more books. One constant companion with journeys galore! Thank you to briar-patch for this lovely image. Very fitting indeed. :)

Back again

Well, for the most part, I'm back around again. Not much blogging to see at this point... obviously. But around. Maybe I'll come up with something new and exciting here soon! :)

Step back.

And it is time for that. Stepping back. Farewell to all of you friends and followers. Promise it's only a temporary goodbye... It's time to focus on my dreams and making them reality. Things to do, chances to take, memories to make. A trail of my own to forge through the great unknown. :) New adventures on the horizon. If you stick with this blog still through what will be a longer than usual silence, thank you, and I shall see you in time. :) Take care all!

Love, Keiry

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