~Cultivate your curves - they may be dangerous but they won't be avoided~
~Mae West~

~i'm another in a tide of refugees from SU..hoping
this is a place i can call "home"...i'm happily married, have adult kids (which always sounds like a contradiction in terms)..i live in Port Orange,Fl & love every minute of it. we have dogs..or as they're known~ "the army of barkness" our granddaughter & enjoy time spent with her...the beach is my place of choice to be at any given time..any questions, ask the man at the door~

(that's LAME if ya can't read what it says backwards....) for that special one who keeps coming by my page...~

~beautiful...amazing...nice to listen to at night, sitting out under the stars..looking at the glorious night sky, of course~
~thanks to MadnessReigns for some really great music finds~
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