"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience,
we are spiritual beings having a human experience."

~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin~

Here, and there, and everywhere ~ SU Refugee

Oh .. my .. God ... My husband would love this!
Just one of the many great finds on batchbatcharak's page =)

Well Santa has finished another year.
The reindeer are back in their cozy stalls.
364 more days before it all starts again.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
to everyone!

I found myself mesmerized and loved this Tiny Desk Concert at NPR ~
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ~ T'was so enjoyable! I want to see them live!!!

For when you want to travel ~ from one of the co-founders of Reddit

Clouded in fog, left feeling like you were just by the sea,
or standing in awe at some amazing things in life.
A visit to Burl's site is a must if you want to catch a drift
of another era, another way to see life.

Clear sailing on a calm night,
with a chill in the air,
under the moonlight...
I bid you adieu and good night.

An alphabet for Comics
I adore fonts,
and I find this one very creative

Some of these look like they could have been created,
but some look truly genuine ... either way, they all look cool.

An eclectic array of posts,
I found such a delightful variety,
I couldn't tear myself away.

While I have read a lot of these books already,
there are some on the list that I know I would love
to pick up and read.

Thanks for the list Jack =)

What I wouldn't give to spend an enormous amount of time here,
and need I say, with plenty of bags to carry these home in?!?!?!

I adore sea glass! I was fortunate to find a beach such as this in Portugal,
however not as laden with glass as this one, but nearly.
T'was my favorite beach.

A great place to find a book to read

Quite a magical and delightful place to lose oneself in ~

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