Andy Orange Happy Unicyclist

"Good Health" is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

You are here because you are not all there!

Health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

Well, did you get lost?

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The Unicycle Whisperer

To zip around on my unicycle while getting some much needed exercise is fun and feels so good with a playful, super cool way to spend time.
• I love to slip on my tight bike shorts followed by a break loose feeling onto the bike trail for a quick spin. a tank top and shorts. A helmet and shoes… That’s it.
• Zoom, Zoom out and back with glee...
• Sometimes (Most every time) the seat between my legs and the bouncing actin of riding my unicycle over bumps will cup my butt and vibrate the tops of my legs. This will energize my butt and balls, leaving a warm and tantalized with a healthy feeling… and my dick will get big and become a bit hard.
• Look, up ahead, an intersection to cross. As I bring my big unicycle to a standstill and jump off, the light is still red.
• They were standing next to me on the sidewalk right in front of the crosswalk.
• My unicycle has a very large wheel and it take up enough space next to me.
• While waiting for the light to turn as we could go on about our way...
• They were smiling and talking to each other, the blond one turned towards me and said, "Wow! That looks hard... I would love to ride that but I could never ride one that big."
• My wide smile felt friendly apparently liked what she was looking at and she was flirting with me. It went right over my head. The one on my shoulders. lol
• Thinking about my big unicycle - My reply was quick. I told her and her friend that yes it was hard to ride, but if they really would try their best and take some time they could balance on it before they knew it. You become used to the way it feels under you and it is kind-a addicting too.
• They releasing that I had no idea they were admiring my boner, they both began to giggle that cute girl giggle and push on each another back and forth, apparently to break up the nervous tension.
• They were looking right at my unicycle as I held it to my side. Their enjoyment was honest and they were very happy.
• That’s the moment that I noticed that their eyes were devouring my crotch. That’s when, all in a split second, I felt naked and instantly very turned-on.

• While standing there, the pulsing blood began to pool and engorge my man-member to its fullest extent. With soft skin quickly becoming more sensitive to every movement and the nice warm temperature of the sunlight as it beamed it way past this nylon-type spandex.
• I knew what they were looking at and they could tell that I knew too. Now what?
• With my mind swimming, I looked down at my tight shorts, my handsome shaft was more prominent soaking up the warm sunlight as it pushed my knob reaching for an escape over the top seam ever so close and calling out to these friendly souls.
• I could feel my hard nob stretching the thin cloth of the bike shorts making my belly button more visible in the direct sunlight. I wish one of them would just say it. Ask me the question… Did I hear her soft voice ask me to suck it?
• I must have had an active imagination due to my ragging erection standing tall upward bound with pleasure on its mind…
• She was just standing there and I was overly focused on my ever growing size. The growing bulge and the surging veins pushed against my shorts. I could feel the tension from the cloth pulling on my butt cheeks.
• My butthole on the fabric of my bike shorts was being hugged and held tight because I never wear underwear when I put on my bike shorts. Throbbing, pressing, expanding, and stretching the cloth against my butt also made me smile as a result of a huge boner taking over on the front side.
• I wanted to reach down and adjust my pounding erection but I thought that might be inappropriate. They might think I was signaling something with slight tug and shy squirm as I stood there. I did not want them to lose interest. And I did not want this to end.
• Feeling as if this whole thing was meant to be, I purposefully walked across the intersection with them and let them watch me lift up and place my butt on the seat with a jump. Making sure not to sit on my balls as I lowered them down onto the seat.
• They were pleased to watch my erection held in place and point the way, stretching the bike shorts to their maximum limit as they held my erection in control with a mount on top of my unicycle and pedal away.
• With an adjustment of Jim & the twins, there was a small patch of wetness seeping from my knob, through my shorts as a little slippery spot as I rode away down the trail.