Hello! I am Jerry, 65, and live in the Inner Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA) Burbs.

INTJ - "Mastermind". Introverted intellectual with a preference for finding certainty.
A builder of systems and the applier of theoretical models. 2.1% of total population.

To Be Sure

You need to be sure
They draw blood and poke your hip
Sample of marrow
For dormant breast cancer cells
That they claim they’ll try to cure

I thought you were well
Years of tests have said you’re free
That’s what you told me
Three more weeks and you may know
If we must return to hell

Seldom satisfied
Aware of the irony
Fighting frustration
Thoughts and feelings are jumbled
As the darkness presses in

I play the guitar
To divert my attention
The steel strings slicing
Through unfamiliar fingers
I lose focus from the pain

I cannot ask her
She doesn’t have my answers
She is unaware
Of the storms raging within
Of a humorous facade

I will go walking
And focus on the journey
Lost in my movements
The rhythm of my footsteps
Calms the chaos of my soul

The softness of the skin - A fleur de peau
by Helene Filiatreault
Tanka 193 (Rising)

Graceful red-tailed hawk
Slowly rising in circles
‘Till hidden in clouds
Tanka 192 (Each Time)

Intermittent stream
Fills after the pouring rain
Each time you cry
It flows across the landscape
Before slowly running dry
Sixty Five Today

Older than the hills
Officially a senior
Sixty five today
My body covered in scars
From all of life’s adventures

Looking back on life
I shake my head and wonder
How I am alive
Accidents and heart attacks
And endless youthful blunders

I have gained wisdom
But lost family and friends
I have made mistakes
There is so much love to share
And there’s so much left to learn
Not You

The endless aching
A pleasant recurring dream
We are both silent
As we search for shooting stars
Together on a blanket

The air is chilly
We can smell the wildflowers
Or is it the wine
Frogs and crickets are singing
A light streaks across the sky

A brief brilliant flash
And then the light disappears
I pull you closer
I can feel you shivering
You turn and kiss me goodbye

I taste your hunger
We make love in the darkness
I can taste your tears
You say I’m always leaving
I say you are always right

I open my eyes
The blanket is on the floor
The room is still dark
A woman sleeps beside me
I know that she is not you
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