Hello! I am Jerry, 64, and live in the Inner Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA) Burbs.

INTJ - "Mastermind". Introverted intellectual with a preference for finding certainty.
A builder of systems and the applier of theoretical models. 2.1% of total population.

Scent of Juniper

The warmth of sunshine
On my arms neck and shoulders
Scent of juniper
As I walk along the path
Carefully avoiding roots

At peace in the woods
Only birdsong and footsteps
And buzzing insects
A breeze blows through the branches
As trees squeal in ecstasy

It is time to leave
The sun on the horizon
I can feel the change
I am no longer welcome
The forest is not my home

Eventide Mont St Michele France by David Leister
Builder of Boxes

Builder of boxes
Each contains a memory
Safely stored away
Until opened and observed
Then returned to the warehouse

People and places
A lifetime’s experience
Out of sight and mind
Those locked away emotions
Sometimes struggle and escape

Feelings in a box
Were recently examined
Long buried away
Reanimated passions
Now a Frankenstein is loose

Families revolt
With their pitchforks and torches
Death to the monster
So a new box is crafted
Where the creature can return
Morning Walk

On my morning walk
Bumblebees feast on clover
The sun feels hotter
I purge my daily demons
Gravity and mass conspire

I ignore the pain
And focus on the colors
Bright orange and red
Greens slowly fade to yellow
Puffy clouds cross the blue sky

Past dead cicadas
And living brown grasshoppers
To the house of books
I swap the old for the new
And continue on my way

No new construction
As I walk past the high school
Kids throwing frisbees
Laughter on the football field
I am nearly halfway home

Little left to say
And there’s no one to listen
Brown leaves are falling
They’re unnoticed on the ground
Slowly nature breaks them down

Up the hill to home
Past the wall of hibiscus
Amethyst and white
A massive cut leaf maple
Means I’m nearly at my door

Remember when pumpkins were orange?
by Sandra Murphy
The Future

Order from chaos
The pieces fit together
Storm clouds disappear
Revealing a star-filled sky
Our sense of hope returning

We stare at the sky
Seeing patterns in the stars
Old constellations
Cannot predict our future
We must build it for ourselves
Kissing away the Darkness

Long ago lovers
From very different worlds
Marital outcasts
Stumbling upon each other
A very unlikely pair

You were quite direct
Never one who wasted time
You showed me your world
And helped me to find some peace
Reminding me how to love

I still remember
Your beautiful naked soul
Thirty years later
I close my eyes and feel you
Kissing away the darkness
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