Hello! I am Jerry, 64, and live in the Inner Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA) Burbs.

INTJ - "Mastermind". Introverted intellectual with a preference for finding certainty.
A builder of systems and the applier of theoretical models. 2.1% of total population.

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A Moment With You

I missed you today
My sunny day turned cloudy
A cool drizzle fell
Before the sun reappeared
Beneath pink and purple clouds

It is growing dark
As I look out the window
Wishing I could share
The beauty of this sunset
For one brief moment with you
A Little More

Are you still in bed
Hidden beneath puffy sheets
Blocking out sun light
Dreaming of sandy beaches
Walking on the cool wet sand

You can hear his voice
Just above the splashing waves
Calling out your name
You see him in the moonlight
He holds you and then you kiss

The two of you smile
As you both slowly undress
Walking through the waves
You turn and gently kiss him
And pull his body to yours

A deep salty kiss
As your bodies intertwine
Eyes whispering love
Touch is shouting “You are mine”
There’s a shiver down your spine

You open your eyes
See the covers on the floor
The dog is barking
He’s been scratching at your door
Can’t you dream a little more
Flowers and Romance

Magnolia petals
Glide and flutter to the ground
Piling like fresh snow
Covering the pale green blades
Where the grass began to grow

Dancing daffodils
Swaying from an April breeze
Seduce passing bees
With promises of nectar
In a soft golden shelter

Rituals of spring
It’s a season of rebirth
Flowers and romance
Plants grow wild and people dance
Reconnecting to the Earth

I will never see
The person you will become
You will disappear
In search of your destiny
You will never think of me

A voice from your past
That answered all your questions
Or allayed your fears
When you were frozen with doubt
Until you worked it all out

I watched the changes
As you struggled on your way
Learning and thriving
You grew confident and bold
I seemed out of touch and old

You might be surprised
That I think of you each day
I would love to chat
But there’s nothing I could say
We each travel our own way

Vaguely suggestive
I read the words carefully
Parsing the context
Avoiding wishful thinking
I find innocent meanings

A master of words
A painter of images
Constructing your world
In my imagination
Landscapes rich with your desires

As with all great art
We see what we need to see
Belongs to the observer
An artist simply creates

The Magic Hour on the Bridge
by German Jaramillo-Mckenzie

Wandering the path
Collecting random pieces
Building a collage
Pleasing to the ears or eyes
Challenging the intellect

A curated view
Images that resonate
Faces and places
From the past and the present
Populate my memories

An endless journey
As I learn along the way
Patterns repeating
And new connections forming
That will disappear someday

Teawilt Head at Third Beach WA
by Mary Dorrell

Lost beneath the words
Unread by impatient eyes
World weary people
Searching for a diversion
Overlook the obvious

Roadside attractions
Anachronistic treasures
Blur as we pass them
Racing into the future
Guided by slick devices

Intrinsic beauty
Woven into the letters
Syllables and sounds
Convey a deeper message
Poetic whispers of love
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