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(Original post: September 28th, 2008)

English Lake District: Askham to the Cockpit Stone Circle

Earlier this month my wife and I spent a week in the English Lake District. This beautiful part of England has the highest annual rainfall in the UK, added to by the remnants of Hurricane Gustav. It didn't rain all the time, though...

We chose a nice day for a gentle walk that starts at the village of Askham, heading for the Cockpit stone circle on the fells above Ullswater.

Climbing through Askham

A nice barn conversion!

On the way to Heughscar Hill

The locals (a particularly tough lot)

Brown Rigg and High Street (the ancient Roman road that eventually crosses the fell of the same name) - the Cockpit stone circle is just visible on the left edge of the picture, a tiny light-green area from which a track runs to the right

Ullswater below Brown Rigg

The view from Heughscar Hill

Ullswater from Heughscar Hill

On the way to the Cockpit

The Cockpit stone circle, taken from the ground...

...and from the air.

The last photo was taken by Simon Ledingham, who takes many aerial photos using a gyrocopter (or autogyro). A gyrocopter looks superficially like a small helicopter, but its rotor is an unpowered rotating wing, and is much safer than a helicopter if its engine fails. (You probably remember the gyrocopter "Little Nellie" that James Bond flew in the movie "You Only Live Twice", which was actually designed and flown in the movie by Ken Wallis.)

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