AirToob Lightning

Stealing from an Eye

May zephyrs ferry me so far,
To brush the tips of dusty stars;
To slip within a shadow's sigh;
And take the twinkle from an eye...

May final quietus interpose,
To shake the rhyming from the prose;
To face a door that will not pry;
And take the teardrops from an eye...

May faded cadence trill away,
To serenade a heart of clay;
To lead an army out to die;
And take the beauty from an eye...

May lonely letters slowly drown,
To turn a smile to a frown;
To cast a restless soul awry;
And take perception from an eye...

I have seen this great photo-montage on many blogs, but here is the original.

The photo-montage is by ~calico901, and if you click the picture you will see that she credits the sources that she used to put the picture together.

The wonderful words, which are the original ones that went with this picture, are by ~Felixavier. ~calico901 and ~Felixavier kind of did this together as a joint project. Thanks, guys!