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[Continuing the trip in the post above.]

On this trip we (12 of us) stayed here at Cannon Point at Marathon Key. It's a great spot if you have a large family and a boat, situated in a narrow strip of waterway between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico (both very shallow around here, typically only 7 feet of water under the keel until you get well out).

Just a few photos (the last in this series!) to give some flavour of the place...

Kayaks provided with the place... Those who got up early to explore the creeks from kayaks saw the occasional iguana on the banks under the mangroves, but there is plenty of other wildlife around here.

It was nice at this time of day, when the heat had cooled off... (Another picture swiped from a family member)

"Allah does not subtract from man's allotted time the hours spent in fishing."
In the case of my cousin, it's just as well!

That's it, you'll be glad to hear... If you're mad enough to want to see all 153 photos of this trip, including Key West, all the dolphin pics and many mug-shots of my family, send me a PM and I'll email you the album link!

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