AirToob Lightning
(Originally posted: April 13th 2008)

I like good children's movies, but I was not expecting to like this one as much as I did. The production values, art direction and acting were all first rate. The only slight problem with it is that the build-up before the "fantastical creatures" appear is so good that their actual appearance (good as it is) can't quite live up to the imagination - which is probably just as well, or it would be too scary for young children.

I first saw Freddie Highmore in Finding Neverland, where he played one of the sons of the family that J.M. Barrie (Johnny Depp) befriends. Freddie plays two brothers in "Spiderwick" and his performance is very impressive. The rest of the excellent cast includes Mary-Louise Parker (from Fried Green Tomatoes, The Client and many other good movies) and a very welcome appearance by Dame Joan Plowright, who was married to Laurence Olivier. She starred in one of our family's all-time favourite movies, Enchanted April.

If you liked any of the movies mentioned above and are still young at heart then you'll probably really like this one.

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