AirToob Lightning

A wonderful picture by Judy Larson.

From her web page:

"Her unique approach to her work is through the use of scratch board--a technique that can render magnificent detail but one requiring infinite patience.

"Scratch board, an old, but little used medium, consists of a smooth, thin surface of hardened China clay applied to a board. The subject is then painted solidly with black India ink to create a silhouette.

"Now the exacting work begins, engraving the image into the surface of the artwork. While many artists use steel nibs or engraving tools, Judy prefers to work with X-acto blades, changing them ever few minutes to produce as fine a line as possible. Once the subject has been totally scratched, it is a finished black and white illustration, ready for the artist to add color. The methods of adding color are diverse. Judy prefers a combination of airbrush, gouache or acrylics for finishing, with frequent rescratching for detail."

There is more to Judy's pictures (including the one above) than first meets the eye: if you missed it, check out her Image Key (mouse-over the images)!

This is another great find from the pages of my friend skip2mylou (one of the most under-rated stumblers on SU). Thanks again!