AirToob Lightning
Here's a suggestion for a really enjoyable and inexpensive evening:

Buy this outstanding DVD (it's a keeper). Evict kids or other non-sympatico noise-makers. Choose your favourite companion (human or otherwise). Turn off unnecessary lights and replace with candles, lay out a snack supper, pour some nice wine, and settle down for over 2 hours of romantic ballads and bossa novas from the beautiful and very talented Canadian jazz pianist and singer Diana Krall.

This concert, recorded at the Paris Olympia, features tracks from her album The Look Of Love and the full set from her 2001 world tour. She is accompanied by the Orchestre Symphonique Européen & Paris Jazz Big Band, as well as her own recording jazz band members flown in especially from LA. You have the best seats in the house, and if you have the equipment, you also have the benefit of excellent 5.1 surround sound. And don't miss the bonus videos on the DVD, either, especially the first one!

Diana Krall, when performing live, makes the endless parade of celebrity bimbos seem positively sexless. She sits at her piano, very calm and poised, not making a big deal about how great she is, and the only adequate word to describe her is "smokin'".You don't often get a chance to listen to and watch the very best. This one is definitely up there.