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England's West Country, October 2011

In the middle of October (while recovering from the StumbleUpon fiasco), my wife and I spent 9 days in the West Country. For the first couple of days we stopped at the Ash House Hotel in Somerset (highly recommended), very close to Yeovil and the border with Dorset. While we were there we visited some nice places...

The first one was here... (click the image for more details)

Actually there are two castles. This is the "new" one, actually a Tudor Mansion that was the hangout of Sir Walter Raleigh.

The beautiful landscaping is by Capability Brown, who was also responsible for all of these wonderful places

The main road to Dorchester...

...before 1856

...and the old castle (what's left of it)

The modern touch...

[West Country visit continues in Part 2]