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“Fairfield Light”

I am lucky enough to live in a small flat in a converted Victorian mental hospital (quite appropriately, you might think!). It was known as the Fairfield Hospital, or the Three Counties Asylum, and has a very interesting history which you can read about here if interested.

No hospital would be built like this today. The huge building, more like a French château than a hospital, was built wih bricks made from a local clay quarry, now a recreational sailing lagoon. Today most of the parkland around it has been turned (sympathetically) into a nice housing estate, but the Letchworth Garden City Cricket Club ground is still here.

I have posted many other photos taken around this place, which you can find marked ** in my photoblog index.

These pictures were taken just after sunrise or just before sunset, when the light seems particularly magical.

The corner between South and East Wings on a beautiful cold, clear morning

The eastern side of the East Wing

Part of the East Wing, seen from near the cricket field (less than a quarter of the complete building is shown here)

Low light on a summer evening on the north side of the building - this was the end of the narrow-guage railway that brought in the bricks used to build this place, now removed

Dog walkers assemble - early morning on the cricket field, Christmas Eve 2018

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