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Cornwall June 2018 [1] - Falmouth

W could walk from our hotel to almost anywhere we wanted to see around Falmouth
(click the image for an online map)

When in Cornwall...

...always read the small print!

Sweet peas on a wall, walking back to our hotel

Another case of "read the small print"!

The view from our hotel terrace, on a rare completely clear evening

Walking along the sea from the hotel in the direciton of Swanpool (see map) - paddle boards very popular around here!

Gyllyngvase Beach (Cornish: An Gilen Vas, meaning the shallow inlet - thanks Wikipedia!)
Beyond it, to the right out of sight, is Swanpool Nature Reserve
Straight ahead perched up on the other side of the inlet is Hooked on the Rocks, a great eating place for fish and tapas

Same walk... weather varying...

Heading back

Nearly back at the hotel... strange tiny square church with sealed entrance

(or maybe a disguised lookout tower for a secret bunker far below... ;-) )

Evening view from the Harbour View café/bar/restaurant, our favourite place to eat or drink in Falmouth

Same evening, walking around the harbour

Same evening, weather still varying!

Four days later - view from the lookout tower of the Maritime Museum, a place well worth visiting (see map)

Early on the last morning... summer weather finally returns to Cornwall (and most other parts of England), and the paddle boards are out early!

[Cornwall visit continues in Part 2]