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Cornwall June 2018 [3] - The Lost Gardens of Heligan

[Cornwall visit continued from Part 2]

The Lost Gardens of Heligan is another place I have long wanted to visit - but I didn't realise that the gardens are only a relatively small part of a large and interesting estate.

I have added a screenshot from the Lost Gardens' web site, with a link for those interested.

From The Lost Gardens' web site (click the image to visit)

(click the image for an online map)

Alas, even on a sign like this typos are creeping in...

At the café restaurant, where all the food is sourced from the estate

Not your usual table visitor!

You need all day to enjoy this place (the gardens are just a small part of it)... 3½ hours isn't enough

Walking down to the "Jungle" (paths nowhere near as steep as the signs indicate, but definitely not for wheelchairs)

That's Pentewan by the sea in the distance... I think

One way only... and very wobbly
Imagining crossing a 1,000 ft deep gorge in Burma on a long one of these... yikes
(only about 10 ft deep here)

Walking back up the east side of the estate

Cornwall is having a real foxgloves year. They are everywhere, in gardens and along lanes, seemingly growing wild.

The Italian Garden

Heligan is carrying out a whole series of events as part of the 100 Year Anniversary WWI Rememberance

[Cornwall visit continues in Part 4]