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Palm Island, Florida, March 2017

Palm Island is somewhat hard to find on a Google Map (you can find it here (map link)). It's actually the northern end of Don Pedro Island.

We spent two weeks in this very nice place during the first 100 days of Trump's presidency (a holiday with our American family, booked before Trump's election), living in a very pleasant bubble of unreality.

As far as visitors and locals there were concerned, it seemed, nothing political was happening. TVs in bars and restaurants showed only sports and weather. Nobody talked about Trump. It sometimes felt like there was an elephant in the room, but nobody was discussing it.

I hope you enjoy the elephantless photos below (I kind of like "elephantless" - it's an adjective that can be applied truthfully to so many things!).

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There is only one way to get to Palm Island with a car... the (expensive) ferry. No real food shops on the island, and none reachable by boat, so it saves money to bring most of your provisions with you.

A very short distance to cross - you can see the arrival ramp just across the water, in front of the tallest tree

The communal pool area at our rental, the Pigeon Toed Pelican, right across from the beach

Our rental is across the road, behind that clump of trees

Large Gopher Tortoise, after it very slowly crossed our road

Cold front... (luckily we weren't staying further north in the USA)

Osprey nest near the beach. High winds and storms have no effect on this!

"Our" beach, still rough after the cold front

Many examples of beach art - liked this one

Photo of a print on the living room wall at our rental (I can now at least recognize snook and grouper)
(taken from below and to the side to avoid reflections, then cropped and perspective-adjusted)

Kids skimboarding at Boca Grande (map link), the "Large Mouth" at the southern tip of Gasparilla Island, where inland waters meet the Gulf of Mexico

The replica of the Niña, passing by...

...the Boca Grande lighthouse (several iguanas around here)

Fast opposing currents, definitely no swimming!

Sunset on "our" beach

Loved the evening light

Junk boats with real junk (permanently moored)

Fun way to travel

We met many of the locals...

...who often turned up when anything interesting or appetizing was going on

Stump Pass (map link) with new sea wall being constructed. (is that a person snorkelling in the middle?)

Enormous floating work platform...

...whose rusty sides were an amazing palette of colours

Many trees around here were killed by salt water raised by the last hurricane. I suspect these were among them.

Evening trip (by boat) to Leverock's (map link), our favourite nearby restaurant

Evening view from Leverock's restaurant (part of a hotel complex, I believe)

Creek behind the rental

Loved the patterns cast by solar lights on the path to our creek

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