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Art Nouveau and Art Deco Museum, Salamanca, Spain, June 2016

[Portugal/Spain visit continued from Part 3]

We had a day trip into Spain to visit the beautiful city of Salamanca in Spain, where because of the heat (close to 100°F) we spent the majority of our free time in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco Museum, one of the finest collections of such art and sculpture in the world.

We weren't allowed to take photos there (except in its wonderful Art Nouveau café, see later in this post), but I found online some work by artists and sculptors that we really liked.

If you click any of the following images you will be taken to the source of that image.

“Les Girls” by Demetre Chiparus

“Coy Dancer”, an Art Deco chryséléphantine by Ferdinand Preiss

A “Spring Landscape” vase by the Daum Brothers (more of their work can also be found here)

A beautiful vase (housed in this museum) by Émile Gallé (more of his work can be found here)

An Arsall Cameo Glass vase - Arsall was a trade name (from Art+Allemand) of the VLG glass company

We were allowed to take photos in the museum's wonderful Art Nouveau café (you may want to follow that link to see many images of the place).

I couldn't resist taking photos of the “Belle Epoque” espresso coffee maker, a work of art in itself!

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