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Savannas Preserve State Park, near Jensen Beach, February 2016

[Florida visit continued from Part 4]

The Savannas Preserve State Park, more than 10 miles long, is the largest and most intact remnant of Florida's east coast savannas, offering canoeing, hiking trails (currently waterlogged) and fishing in the wetlands. On the first day that we visited, we had the whole place almost entirely to ourselves!

Nothing further from my mind! Harmless and shy, apparently, but can grow to impressive lengths...

There was exceptionally high rainfall in the weeks before we arrived...

Canoe launching point (I took a kayak out from here when we returned on Pioneer Day)

The kayak group leader told us that in 10 years of day and night outings she had never been bitten by a mosquito, at any time of year - they don't spray here, and let a complicated chain of life take care of the mosquitos. She also told us about the benefits and perils of alligator holes, of which this area apparently contains several.

Our second visit - Pioneer Day

[Florida visit continues in Part 6]