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Sir Terry Wogan KBE DL
3rd August 1938 – 31st January 2016

And yet another sad goodbye... to Terry Wogan, who died this morning at the age of 77, after a short struggle with cancer.

Terry was a broadcasting legend in the UK. I woke up to him every morning on Radio 2, while at university and long afterwards. His relaxed charm and whimsical humour were the best start to any day one could wish for. I listened to him on a Heathkit valve FM tuner and amp that I had assembled myself - that was some time ago!

He is being fondly remembered in the UK for so many things in his long career. I shall remember two things in particular. The first is the long pause (several seconds) that would often follow the first part of a typical bit of Terry whimsy. It wasn't a dead pause - you could almost hear the chuckles all over the country, and see the smile on Terry's face. Among many other things, he was a master of comic timing and ad-lib speaking (he never used notes in the studio, apparently).

The second is the time when he introduced our nation to that wonderful ground-breaking TV show Hill Street Blues, with its gentle theme tune by Mike Post that took over from the noise of sirens in every wintry opening.

Terry seemed immortal in life - he has passed into another kind of immortality now, and will be sorely missed.