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My wife and I recently spent 4 wonderful days in Lisbon (our first visit to Portugal). We fell in love with the place (a huge and beautiful city, full of art and amazing architecture, of which we have seen about 1% if that, with friendly multi-lingual people who don't mind in the least that a foreigner hasn't learnt their language).

I took the photo below from a guided tour in an amphibious vehicle, which tours the city and then goes up and down the river. I can thoroughly recommend the tour (the HIPPOtrip) should anyone visit Lisbon for the first time. It was very entertaining and informative, bilingual in English and Portuguese (at least half the passengers were Portuguese), and serious attention was paid to safety on the water.

This is The Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, a truly amazing place. It is said to be the world's most advanced centre for research into cancer, brain damage and blindness, both medically and from an architectural point of view. From the river it looks a little like a cruise ship, but it is designed to look quite different from almost any angle in which it is approached.

The image below is my composite of some of the images from the Indian architects' web site - well worth visiting.

Charles Correa writes (in part):

Click either image above for more from the web page.

It is possible for the public to visit some of this centre: see here. When (not if) I return to Lisbon, this place will be high on my list!
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