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Havant and the South Downs, October 2012

We stayed at my sister's house for a week at the end of October. The weather was very mixed, often grey and wet, but a whole lot better than what hit the East Coast of the US while we were there! And the autumn leaves were just gorgeous...

Stansted Park, near Havant... a great place to walk, especially at this time of year

Stansted House

Back in Stansted Park a few days later, for tea and a visit to the farm shop... fast-moving rain clouds coming in

Suddenly very threatening indeed... the building on the left is the Vine House, an extension of the Pavilion Tea Room which is out of shot to the left

Half an hour later, the rain is gone...

Shooting fish in a barrel... the wooden fish reflected in rainwater

Fort Nelson, on Portsdown overlooking Portsmouth - a great place to go on a cold rainy day

The Turkish Bombard, a medieval wall-smasher dating from 1464

Looking through the two sections of the Turkish Bombard

Standing at an angle, two sections of the planned 26 sections of the confiscated Iraqi "super-gun", theoretically capable of sending a projectile into low orbit

One of the long tunnels beneath the Fort, which was one of several built to defend Portsmouth against an inland attack from the French (which never came)

In the centre of the fort

Massive defences to the North... the right-hand wall of this dry moat was originally vertical, large mortars were positioned behind the wall to the left. Soldiers stationed below where I am standing would make crossing this a short-lived experience!

View over Portsmouth from Portsdown (cold and wet!)...

Waggoners Wells (near Grayshott, just off the A3 at its highest point) on 29 October (the day that Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast of the US)

In Grayshott, highly recommended!

A much-photographed scene near the Royal Oak at Havant, a favourite pub

People sitting in front of the pub, watching the tide go out

A chilly, sometimes drizzly walk in Staunton Country Park, on the northern outskirts of Havant

Picturesque dereliction...

Something somewhat Tolkien-ish about the carvings in this playground, and elsewhere

October 31st... My American cousin's pumpkin in the window, looking hopefully outwards for trick-or-treaters who never came (but the pumpkin was great... which reminds me of these great Peanuts cartoons)