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Dartmouth, South Devon, Sept/Oct 2012

We had a nice week (with very mixed weather) in Dartmouth, staying in a self-catering apartment. Because of all the places we could reach on foot, by boat, or by steam train, we didn't use the car once while we were there!

The highlight was probably our visit to Greenway, Agatha Christie's much-loved holiday home, set in lovely grounds overlooking the Dart (see Part 2 below).

If you are interested, a GoogleMap showing the places in this photoblog will be found here.

The view from our apartment, one evening about halfway through the holiday when the sun reappeared! This is a training facility for Royal Naval cadets.

Some of the small boats that the cadets learn to handle

Flowers on the apartment's kitchen windowsill

Kingswear at night, across the river from Dartmouth

The lower ferry (one of two constantly crossing in either direction) connecting Dartmouth and Kingswear, which we used later as foot-passengers

All the power is provided by the tug - the newer "higher ferry", very close to our apartment, runs on guide wires

View of Kingswear (left) and Dartmouth castle (right, in the distance) from near the Bayards Cove Inn. Actually taken late in the morning on a typical dull day (at least it wasn't raining at the moment!)

Bayards, near the lower ferry

The Bayards Cove Inn, our favourite cosy hangout spot in bad weather (excellent food at lunch-time, at this time of year they also do Tapas 4 evenings a week from 6 to 9 PM - you can stay here, but check the room prices)

"Along Bayards" by Chris Forsey RI, a print of which was hanging on the wall of the Bayards Cove Inn

Last year in October we took a boat trip from Dartmouth to Dittisham (see the end of this post) This was the end of a longer trip on the same boat, arriving in Totnes


We didn't get off here, due to weather and timing, but it would be nice to do it in good weather

The return trip - pretty much the only photo on this voyage that came out (and I had to work hard on this one)

Near the lower ferry

A nice morning (relatively)! Start of a walk from Dartmouth to Dartmouth Castle and beyond. The twin town of Kingswear is in the distance, and Bayard's Cove Fort is below

View to the right...

...view to the left from a bit further along the road. You might be able to see the higher ferry crossing (upper centre), our apartment is just beyond it on the left hand side, to the left of the Royal Naval training facility

My spouse picked this as a "Des. Res." (sorry - English advertising abbreviation for "Desirable Residence")

Looking back at the boat pier in Dartmouth, telephoto lens cranked up to max (tiny camera but great lens for its size) - fairly low tide

Passing Warfleet Creek

We didn't stop at Dartmouth Castle on the outward walk, this is some way beyond it. Lots of nice empty picnic spots below with a great view.

Descending to Sugary Cove, which features as an EU super-clean beach (but at least at low tide, I would be very careful swimming here because of sharp rocks)

My spouse in her element....

Ancient folded rocks on the left hand side of Sugary Cove

I couldn't resist slipping this photo in. It was actually taken in Bathurst Inlet on the previous day (30th Sept). Bathurst Inlet is quite far away from Dartmouth (currently around 60,000,000 miles, on Mars) and the camera system that took it is a wee bit more expensive than mine! [Click the image for more info].

View across the mouth of the Dart

The Coast Walk goes on and on.... we turned around here on this occasion!

Another view across the mouth of the Dart (telephoto doing its stuff again)

Dartmouth Castle

Very steep narrow stairs leading down to the Battery

View from the top of the Castle

The little water taxi that shuttles to and from the Castle, saving weary legs on the way back!

We missed that particular boat... another telephoto view up river

View (mainly of Kingswear) from the water taxi landing

By the water taxi landing - the Mermaid sculpture is by a lady called Elizabeth Hadley

In the boat, looking back on the Castle and St. Petrox Church

Some passengers go free!

...dark rain clouds and bright sun producing some nice lighting effects

The Kingswear docks where two ferries come in, the Lower Ferry on the right and the Dartmouth Railway ferry (more expensive) on the left. The railway station is at the top of the ramp from either ferry.

A lot of the time the weather was like this... but we didn't really mind

Taking the lower ferry across to Kingswear, on the start of a steam railway journey to Paignton

We had plenty of time before the train, so we went for a walk through Kingswear and along the coast walk downstream (for a short way)

Does anyone recognize this place, just downstream from Kingswear?

Navigation beacon for boats coming in from the sea

We turned around on the coast path and took a climbing road back across the top of Kingswear. Looking down on the railway which we are about to get on...

Kingswear station

While at school, I was always fascinated by the model train sets that some friends of mine were lucky enough to have in their attics. I have a feeling that everyone working on this railway is having fun with a full size version!

"Lydham Manor" is the name of this rather beautiful locomotive, if there are any train buffs out there who want to know! It once hauled the Royal Train in the late 1950's.

Goodrington Sands, the stop just before Paignton, and where we should have got off! On a nice day this would be great for kids... As far as Paignton goes, what can I tell you? "It is better to journey than to arrive" about sums it up, especially in wet weather. But the trip was very enjoyable.

The only part of Paignton worth showing!

Yup, diesel locomotives are just not the same... The railway company is offering "footplate tickets" for people to treat their male relatives to a ride with the driver (I can imagine that some ladies wouldn't mind riding here too!)

Back in Dartmouth... when the sun DID come out,the light was wonderful

(BTW: the Station Restaurant, a very popular eatery seen here, was intended for the Dartmouth railway station that was never built)

The Britannia Royal Naval College, basking in unaccustomed sun. Lord Mountbatten and other male royals have studied here (and my spouse's grandfather).

[Dartmouth visit continues in Part 2]