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If you happen to be a Brit watching these amazing Paralympics, you will obviously be delighted with our great run of gold medals.

The Royal Mail earned its own award from me (FWIW) by issuing commemorative stamps within a day of each medal, exactly as it did for the London Olympics.

This may not be surprising to people following the London Paralympics, but for everyone it's an indication of how successful these Games have been in changing perceptions about "disability". We haven't seen disability in these Games - just amazing ability. The "Super Thursday" athletics track finals produced the kind of excitement that the equivalent finals in the Olympics did. The only difference was that the excitement (and noise) on that occasion was even more intense than in the Olympics. I say "noise", but one of the most memorable moments of that night was when Jonnie Peacock asked the crowd for silence at the start, and 80,000 people went silent as in a church within about a second. After which, this man (who happens to have only one leg, although we have sort of stopped noticing that) ran 100m in 10.9 seconds, beating probably the best group of 100m athletes ever seen in one Paralympics final.

There are some great stories of human achievement hidden behind these pictures - if you click on any image, you'll get links that will tell you more about that athlete.

Several athletes (like Sarah Storey, our greatest paralympian) won several gold medals and each one was commemorated with a separate stamp - I haven't shown all of those here, and I may have missed some of the team events.

Also, there have been many athletes from other countries, and/or who haven't won a gold medal, or any medal, that have won the hearts of the many people watching - see my post here.

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