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France (Midi-Pyrénées), June 2012

In the first half of June my wife and I spent 9 days in this very pleasant part of southern France, starting with a couple of days in Toulouse.

While Toulouse is the centre of the European aerospace industry, and a considerable population is still growing around it, the central city is compact, attractive and full of history. As well as the river Garonne it also has a kind of water inner half-ring-road in the form of a tree-shaded canal, part of the network of canals in the Midi.

As an entry point to the Midi-Pyrénées, Toulouse's Blagnac Airport is efficient, pleasant and not too large. If you rent a car you can collect it immediately outside the airport doors, and a convenient shuttle bus service runs ever 20 minutes, taking you into the centre of Toulouse (Place Jeanne D'Arc) in 15 minutes for only 5 euros.

If you are interested, a GoogleMap showing the places in this photoblog will be found here.

Toulouse - the Basilica of St. Sernin, a massive and very impressive structure, about 5 minutes walk from the Place Jeanne d'Arc

The Pont Neuf over the Garonne - the decorative holes in the piers are to allow floodwater to pass through without sweeping away the bridge

The Basilica in the evening light

Evening outside the Capitole... fire jugglers but not much audience!

[Midi-Pyrénées visit continues in Part 2]