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Abbaye Château de Camon
[Midi-Pyrénées visit continued from Part 1]

My spouse found this great hotel at Camon, near Mirepoix, the Abbaye Château de Camon, a converted Abbey / Monastery / Château. We arrived too late for lunch, and this place only serves breakfast and (superb) dinner, but the owner said he could knock us up a "plain ham sandwich"...

...which turned out to be this! He brought out some nice cold drinks as well (a large cold beer for me), all of this being "on the house"

We eyed the swimming pool hopefully (more of that later...)

The terrace, used for breakfast and evening drinks, weather permitting

The main entrance (always open, and interested tourists sometimes wander through) leading through a corridor which was once the cloisters. There's an open courtyard with high walls to the left, used for eating dinner in good weather (hah!)
(HDR photo)

Not your usual hotel staircase...

The corridor on our floor

Dinner in the courtyard - after a promising start the heavens opened in a cloudburst of hailstones and rain. Water poured in through the door, being shoveled frantically back by heroic staff - the splashback from the initial torrent of hailstones reached onto our table, which we hurriedly carried into the refectory just next to here!

Lac de Montbel, very close to Camon (via very "back" back-roads) - now a reservoir and leisure park

... not that water is in short supply right now...

Gleam of sun, taken from our bedroom window...

... and the day's weather mooches off, to return promptly the next morning

The approach to the Château entrance, which runs up its side... very narrow in places, luckily very little traffic up here (40 foot drop to the right down to local fields in many places)

We sat by the pool (under cover, reading) just to say that we had done it!

Hats, guests, for the use of... (the Château also has a fine selection of guest umbrellas)

[A GoogleMap of this area will be found here]

[Midi-Pyrénées visit continues in Part 3]