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[Midi-Pyrénées visit continued from Part 2]

The ruined Château de Lagarde, seen on the short drive from Camon to Mirepoix

Mirepoix, a delightful medieval town. In Occitan its name means "see the fish", a reference to the clear waters of the river Hers

Lots of restaurants and cafés under the covered edges of the square, some run by English people who have adapted completely to the local way of life (and a few Spanish or possibly Catalan people running places here, too)

Locals - note the sun! In fact this was the day of the Festival of Cathar Bands in Mirepoix, and someone obviously had a direct line to the weather controller because it didn't rain all afternoon!

Different bands play simultaneously in different parts of the square...

...assessed critically by the local experts

The small carousel was in operation today (normally it doesn't run until July)

... balloons on sale ...

Market day, the following Monday - not sunny but at least not raining!

[A GoogleMap of this area will be found here]

[Midi-Pyrénées visit continues in Part 4]