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Carcassonne - The Old Walled City

[Midi-Pyrénées visit continued from Part 4]

Carcassonne, the old walled city - huge and highly impressive. A very pleasant drive from Mirepoix along the D119, lovely countryside, and much nicer weather in spite of being not that far away

Although it doesn't look it from these photos, the walled city is very large and was very full of people - what it must be like in the high season I dread to think!

Culture break

There must be an amazing view from the top of the Basilica, as it is perched way above the surrounding area

Beautiful stained glass inside the Basilica... sorry that it's not too clear, as this was a hand-held shot and it was quite dark. A quartet of Russian singers was performing unofficially ... a beautiful sound.

[A GoogleMap of this area will be found here]

[Midi-Pyrénées visit continues in Part 6]