AirToob Lightning
This is one of those two-reviews-for-the-price-of-one deals!

My younger daughter recently gave me two great recommendations, which are linked. The first is this book, an effective antidote to depression, apathy and the fast materialistic world that offers us so much, yet somehow prevents us from enjoying life.

It contains a wide range of suggestions, with activities ranging from "Go out and look at the stars" and "Sit still until you see wildlife emerge" to "Be a BookCrosser" - which was my daughter's second recommendation.

Here is Alex Quick's description from the book, complete and unabridged:

BookCrossing is the world's biggest free book club, with three-quarters of a million members in around 130 countries. There are no membership subscriptions, nothing is ever sent in the post, and there is no obligation ever to buy anything. The idea instead is to share your books with people by leaving them in public places on park benches, in tea-houses, on the bus, on church pews or in changing rooms.

Each book is first registered online so that it can be individually tagged as a BookCrossing book. Members write the BookCrossing ID number of the book inside it and release it into the wild. The person who picks it up can (if they wish) log on to the BookCrossing site to say they've found it, before themselves re-releasing it (after reading it, obviously). In this way a BookCrossing book can travel around the world, its former owners following its journey like anxious parents keeping tabs on a gap-year child.

Book-crossing is worthwhile for several reasons: it clears your bookshelves of books that you've enjoyed but would like to pass on; it brings you into contact with an online community of readers where books are discussed, reviewed, rated and tracked; and it's possible to hunt for books that have recently been released in your area. To date, nearly six million books have been registered, and it's quite likely that there are dozens floating around near you. In effect it makes the world one big free library.

If you are interested, click the image above to visit the BookCrossing site.