AirToob Lightning

A special word of thanks to Matt, who has just produced another real goodie for Categorians:

Sometimes you come across a web page that you want to bookmark, and maybe add tag(s) to draw it to the attention of other users via the Library, but you don't want to write an actual review (or at least, not yet).

Previously, if you frequently used "Blog it" to do this, you ended up with a whole lot of blog headers on your pages, which can clutter up your blog if you use images a lot.

Now, Matt has added a couple of options with tick-boxes at the end of your Setup page:

   "Hide reviews with no contents from visitors"

   "Hide reviews with no contents from *myself*"

If you tick one or both of these then you will hide the "empty" reviews from others and/or from yourself. This is a little like "Thumbs Up" on SU without writing a review - except that nobody is counting this kind of "thumbs up".

If you want to go back later and add text to an "empty" review, then of course you need to uncheck the second option! And then you can (as you probably know) move the newly-filled-in review to a new place in your blog by using the "bump" or arrow facilities in the blog header.

If you want to check what your blog looks like to visitors, you can always click "my url" at the top right of your screen.


Even if you select the "hide reviews" options, the "empty" reviews will still be visible in a tag search if the "empty" review has a matching tag. Having experimented for a while, I have concluded that that's a good thing.

(A tag search happens if someone goes to your tag collection - top left of your pages - and clicks a tag name, or if someone clicks a tag at the top of any of your posts.)

Another note...

One example of a web page that you might want to bookmark for later review is an individual post on Categorian that you happen to like. Not everyone is aware that if you click the date/time at the beginning of a post, you get a "permalink" to that post which makes it a web page in its own right. (The same thing is possible for posts on other blog sites, whether it's a date/time or a post's title that you click.)

Please give the man a bouquet!