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[Italy visit continued from Part 1]

A day trip to nearby Verona, sizzling in the heat. It was about 100 degrees...

The old Roman bridge (Ponte Pietra) across the Adige

Looking across to the ancient Roman Theatre, which houses a wide range of theatrical productions (including Shakespeare, of course, thanks to Romeo and Juliet) - we'll have to come back to see at least one opera production in the famous Arena, as well - but not at this time of year!

The famous notch-shaped merlons associated with the "Ghibelline" faction supporting the Holy Roman Emperor... and some nice balconies!

It was about here that we peeled off from the guided tour and headed for a shady lunch spot!

Later... brave tourists regrouping... if anything, it feels even hotter...

The Piazza delle Erbe (I think)

Some of the cafes had these fans under the awnings, blowing water mist as a kind of air conditioning. When we come back to Verona, it will be for longer and not at this time of year!

On the way home, when it was much cooler, we had a traditional supper arranged at an "Agriturismo" vineyard. They used to grind maize and flour at this water-mill before converting the family business to pure wine production.

We had a tour and a great meal here, many small courses each accompanied by a glass of a different wine!

A very welcome reception for survivors of the day...

I hope this translation is OK: "Bring up your children to the love of the fields, the joy of the light and the free breath of the wind. Agriculture is science, it is art, it is life, it is riches, it is everything." I felt like sincerely adding, "Amen."

Loved this poster...

A few days later, at the hotel, enjoying two nice glasses of Bardolino Chiaretto! (Bardolino, Soave and Valpolicella are all local wines here.)

[Italy visit continues in Part 3]