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[Italy visit continued from Part 2]

Approaching Isola di Garda, which has had a very long and varied history. It is actually 4 long thin rocks, joined together and converted to a lovely park and landscaped villa over many years

The original tower... it leant too far and the top bit had to be removed!

A nice cool place to arrive!

Julia, our lovely and very knowledgeable guide, explaining how olive trees can survive so long (this one is 500+ years old). This local girl speaks several languages almost perfectly, including Japanese, and is currently learning Finnish (because of boyfriend).

Two villas have become one. The section in the foreground is actually quite shallow. The space between it and the higher building is filled in with earth and a terrace laid across the top.

St Francis was here for a while. This place goes back a long way!

Not a cemetery... just a decorative way of using materials left over from past construction!

In the background is a walkway, joining up with a tunnel which leads to caves on the north side of the island, used by monks in the past

The terrace (with skylights) on top of the lower villa section and the earth-fill that joins it to the higher villa, allowing trees to be planted between the two.

Swamp cypresses in the park section. We couldn't visit much of the park this day because of a huge society wedding that was being set up.

Leaving the island after a tour of the inside of the villa (no photos allowed, alas), which is still lived in, followed by wine and olive-oil tasting on a terrace

[Italy visit continues in Part 4]