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[Lake District visit continued from Part 3]

Start of another walk, starting where the water from Grasmere is about to flow into Rydal Water

Looking back on Rydal Water, Wordsworth's house is on the other side of the lake in the distance

Heading across Loughrigg Terrace, a path that runs under Loughrigg with Grasmere down to the right

Nab Scar, to the north east of Grasmere... and one of many awesome stone walls running up to the top of the fell


Grasmere, where the river runs out on its way to Rydal Water... this is APRIL in the Lake District!! (Apparently the real Lake District April now happens in June, July and August, according to the locals). Just out of the top of the photo people are swimming... words fail me. The sun is hot and it's in the mid 70's...

Grasmere, from the path descending from Loughrigg Terrace

The path descends gently with occasional hairpin bends

Just after taking this picture, we heard the first cuckoo of Spring, loud and clear... 20th April...

Outfall from Grasmere (with my too-fast small digital camera the water over the rocks looked static, so I added a slight motion-blur layer in Photoshop)

Looking back on Loughrigg

...nearly back at the car park., looking back the way we have come

Back at the hotel, at supper... a frequent visitor outside the doors... doors of a restaurant... wide open at 7:30 PM in mid April... still can't get over it!