AirToob Lightning

This is my Kindle (the new cheaper, lightweight version), which I got for Christmas. It was the best kind of Christmas present, one that goes on giving pleasure almost indefinitely.

The photograph shows one of the randomly-selected graphic screensavers, and was taken when illuminated by our super-bright Klarstein sunlight therapy lamp (there you go, two recommendations for the price of one!).

The pages displayed on the new Kindle really are as clear as print on a paper page (even clearer, IMO). As with a real book, the brighter the light, the easier it is to read.

Like many people I wanted it for travelling and holidays, but I use it much more than I expected.

There is much more to this great device than meets the eye, including the 36,000+ free ebooks available from Project Gutenberg.

I have written some notes about it on my Books page, including a few hints and tips if you are thinking of buying one. If you are interested, click the image above or go here.