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Whitby, Yorkshire - November 17th, 2009

This was a day out in Whitby, Yorkshire, on the east coast of England (close to Robin Hood's Bay, the end of Wainwright's coast-to-coast walk). The rest of the week was fairly miserable, weather-wise, so we took full advantage of this sunny (if cold) day...

Hole of Horcum, on the North Yorkshire Moors on the approach to Whitby. The North Yorkshire Moors are the largest area of continuous moorland in England (in case you wanted to know that).

Whitby harbour entrance

St Mary's Church and Whitby Abbey, seen from other side of the harbour through the whalebone arch

Captain James Cook's memorial

Taken from Whitby pier

This was a "Goth Weekend", possibly associated with the full moon (for lots more Whitby Goth pictures, see here!)

One of the local yobbos, who sometimes eat fish (when they can't get fish and chips)

The best fish and chips place in Whitby, apparently! (There is fierce competition, but I can certainly recommend this place.)

The steps up to the church and abbey

Before this visit I had dabbled a bit with Photoshop, but I used these (non-expert!) photos to explore more of Photoshop's features. The main thing I learnt here was to use an additional curves layer in order to adjust the contrast and brightness of some parts of the picture that would otherwise be too bright or in deep shadow, and paint out the unwanted parts of the new layer with a black brush, letting the original show through. The Whitby Memorial Gate, for example, had no detail on the metalwork in the original, the Whitby Fudge window was dark, and the sunny area at the top of the stairs to the abbey was much too bright (it still is).

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