AirToob Lightning
(Original post: October 8th, 2009)

From the page:

In a recent New York Times business trend piece, the small but growing movement to transform -- or at least disguise -- these ugly but crucial energy ducklings into aesthetically conforming swans is explored.

Most notable are SRS Solé Power Tiles from SRS Energy. The company is working with California's U.S. Tile to create tiles with embedded solar cells that mimic traditional tile roofing in Southern California and the Southeast. At a demo home in California (pictured below), a homeowner replaced terra cotta tiles on a portion of his roof -- about 300-square feet -- with Solé Tiles in about four hours. As a result, the homeowner's roof will generate about 2,400 kilowatt-hours of juice a year and his roof isn't festooned with bulky black squares that scream to neighbors and passersby, I have photovoltaics!

Whatever the commercial problems, the world will get to this one day. A great find from my friend Sandy.

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