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Natasha Richardson RIP - March 18th, 2009

I was really sorry to hear of the tragic death of the beautiful and gifted actress, Natasha Richardson. My heart goes out to her husband Liam Neeson and to the rest of her family and friends.

My favourite memories of Natasha Richardson will always be the 1994 film "Nell", where she first met and acted with her future husband.

Nell was the story of the discovery of a speech-impaired "wild child" (a virtuoso performance by Jodie Foster), raised in isolation in the woods of North Carolina, and the relationships that develop between her, the local doctor (Liam Neeson), and the psychologist who is called in to study her (Natasha Richardson).

As the story develops, several preconceptions and assumptions are overturned, the most interesting of which concern exactly who is helping whom.

Here are some of my screen captures of this movie from my DVD (the best that I could do).

One of my favourite scenes: the "Mummy loves Daddy really" sequence where Nell stops the doctors arguing. I suspect, perhaps wrongly, that it was somewhere around here that their real-life marriage had its first roots!

The final scenes:

When I saw this movie in the cinema, there were two marks of respect that are very rare nowadays: you could have heard a pin drop in the audience throughout, and nobody moved from their seats until the end of the credits.

Natasha gave many other fine performances, on both stage and screen. She will be greatly missed.

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